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Guest Post :: Laura, Minnesota, USA

Thirteen years. Twenty countries. Countless more to go.

The more I travel, the more it becomes apparent to me that it is in my DNA. As a kid, I loved going on trips – whether a staycation to a nearby hotel or a warm weather getaway to escape the Midwest winters. Despite my love of travel, the first time I left the country was in my late 20s. A year or so later, I decided that I was going to visit a new country every year until something got in my way.

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Travel As Transformation

At EAT.PRAY.MOVE, we have all had the common experience that travel is not just vacation and frivolity—travel in its nature is an act of mindfulness. Many dismiss travel as a selfish or frivolous act, a yin and mindless activity in our lives. We couldn’t disagree more—travel is an active experience for the mind, one that challenges and changes people. While many people join our retreats because they know yoga to be a tool for presence, energy, meditation and expansion, what we hope they go away with is the knowledge that travel, too, can be a conduit for all of these things.

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Guest Post :: Blonde Voyage Nashville (Thoughts on Food, Adventure, and Savoring Time)

We're happy to introduce you to one of our EPM guests who has joined us in Italy and Morocco and always adds fun, glamour, and plenty of food knowledge and excitement to each retreat. Courtney is the author of the blog, Blonge Voyage Nashville - a Nashville, TN native who has a healthy obsession with culinary delights both at home and abroad…

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