A Week in Florence

Well if you keep up with EAT.PRAY.MOVE you may have noticed a little bit of a drop in online chatter this week as my time on the computer (twitter, facebook, blogs) has been more sporatic... but only because I'm in ITALY preparing for the Tuscany retreat which starts this Sunday.

I took off last Friday and luckily got some sleep on the plane (as the seat next to me was empty!), and woke up just as we were flying over France and then into Italy over the Mediterranean coast.

It's been a lovely time in Florence this week - seeing friends, running errands, going to the yoga studio, and just being back on the old cobblestone streets that I consider a second home. It always takes me a few days to get over the jet-lag but the rich espresso here definitely helps me out!

Besides all the regular sites, there tends to be festivals and special events going on all the time here. This week happened to be fashion week, so the shop windows are in full regalia and the people watching is at its finest. 

All the plans are in place for the upcoming retreats, and being in Florence has made me even more excited for them as well as the day-trip during the week back to the city. It's such a lovely place close to my heart that I can't wait to share it with guests.

Besides getting ready with logistics, I've also been getting ready just to meet everyone. Plus we had 2 MORE LAST MINUTE SIGN-UPS! So now both Tuscany retreats are full, and the groups are going to be great!

If you've been thinking of joining us on a retreat - don't miss out. There's 1 more spot in Marrakesh in Septempber as well as spots in ISCHIA in October. Stay tuned on our

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for pics-of-the-day during my month in Italy (including preparations in Ischia in two weeks)