2014: What a Year! (part 2)

After our post "

2014: What a Year! (part 1)

" in last week's installment of our 2014 year summary, we wanted to go ahead and give you an update about the rest of our summer and fall this year.

At the very end of June we headed to our home-away-from-home of Italy and enjoyed a week among the sunflowers with a fun group! Since many of the guests were Americans, we even celebrated the 4th of July with a private fireworks show put on just for us on the hillsides of Tuscany. Then later in July we returned to the villa in Tuscany for another week of village tours, Italian cuisine, thermal spa visits, and yoga under the Tuscan sun!

In between the two Tuscany countryside retreats was spent in Florence with the first annual collaboration

Five Senses Yoga Retreat

 where we spent five days in the amazing city of


exploring one of the five senses per day - SEEING the sites, SMELLING the aromatic spas and notes of a wine tasting, FEELING our bodies in a Chianti bike tour, HEARING Gregorian chants sung by monks on a hillside church, and TASTING the Tuscan cuisine during a cooking class. It was a completely successful experience and we couldn't have asked for a better group of women.

Join us in ITALY in 2015! 

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June 28 - July 4

 :: Tuscany, Italy

July 5 - 10

 :: Florence, Italy (Five Senses Retreat)

The very next month we were off again for our first retreat in the "Land of Fire and Ice" - and what an Icelandic adventure it was! Experiencing Iceland in the summer is a treat and our group explored the southwest region from the Ion Adventure hotel to the Blue Lagoon - all with geysirs, waterfalls, and plenty of blue thermal pools in between. Can't wait to return for our Northern Lights trip for New Years!

Join us in ICELAND in 2015! 

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Aug 9 - 15

 :: Southwest, Iceland

In September it was back to Marrakesh for a couple of weeks of Moroccan magic (summed up in

part 1

), before it was back to Italy in October for the "Tastes of Tuscany" retreat at a wine resort villa outside of the beautiful city of Siena. Each day was filled with different highlights of the Tuscan cuisine during harvest season. From truffle hunts to wine tastings, and cheese farm tours to city visits and spa days - we had a full week with beautiful company. 

That almost wraps up the year until our New Year's retreat in Iceland, but we were also able to scout another amazing location getting added again to the schedule next year - the breathtaking island if Ischia, Italy. Neighbors with Capri and the Amalfi Coast, Ischia is one of our favorite places and we can't wait to bring guests there once again in 2015. 

Join us in ISCHIA in 2015! 

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Sept 20 - 26

:: Ischia, Italy

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