We are excited to share another traveler testimony! This time around, we were lucky enough to chat with Leigh-Ann from Columbus, Ohio. She works in the health and wellness industry, where she is currently creating her own hair care line! (Her tresses are certainly envy worthy.) Leigh-Ann is a long time member of the EPM family--she has joined us for retreats to Ischia, Provence and Iceland. She is a true testament to the reason we do what we do and love it so much. We asked her to share about her experience with Iceland and EPM. 

What drew you EAT.PRAY.MOVE Yoga Retreats?  

I was originally drawn to EAT.PRAY.MOVE because I loved the idea of having everything organized for me, as well as the vegetarian cuisine and the locations. Iceland looked amazing in the photos, and after going on 2 other retreats, I knew it would be amazing.

The beautiful Leigh Ann, full of love

How did your trip compare to your expectations?

Iceland was my 3rd retreat with EPM, and it absolutely exceeded my expectations.

What did you learn on your trip? Did anything surprise you?

I learned that Iceland is even better in person than in the photos! Everyone was very friendly and proud to talk about the history of the country. (I also learned that the cuisine there is a little different--they eat animals that we typically do not!)

What was it like to have Erin Lewis as your guide? 

Erin is great as a guide! I am a planner by nature, so the amazing thing with this trip and its itinerary is that I was aware of everything we were doing, but all I had to was show up. Erin took care of the rest. From the food to the activities, everything was handled.

Enjoying a hot tub along the riverside at Frost and Fire 

What was the best part of your trip?

The best part of the trip was reconnecting with guests from previous retreats and meeting new people. Once you attend one of the retreats, you have a certain bond with the other guests. There are many repeat guests, so it's always nice to see them again.

What lasting impressions did you have of EPM?  

The first retreat I attend with Erin CHANGED MY LIFE. I attended the Ischia, Italy trip, and I was in a very stressful state. I hated my job, and it was controlling my life. I went away on this retreat and realized life is too short. I need to do what makes me happy. When I returned home I changed my career path, and I have never been happier! I began working at Whole Foods and started an all natural hair care line called 2 Girls With Curls. You can check it out at

An elegant group dinner in Iceland

These are trips that you will never forget. New friendships are formed and you get to do yoga and see the world in style.

Thanks, Leigh Ann, for sharing your beautiful story and experiences with us. We love having you as part of our family here at EPM, and we look forward to adventuring with you in the future!