2014 : What a Year! (part 1)

I know we're not quite all the way through this year, and as we're still looking forward to the holiday season and to our final retreat of 2014 to ring in the

New Year in Iceland under the Northern Lights

, I thought it's a good time to stop and reflect on the amazing year it's been thus far.

This year we began the season in Marrakesh, Morocco at our amazing location of Peacock Pavilions - a "do good boutique hotel" in an olive grove outside the city. There were two amazing weeks there, one classic itinerary and one luxury retreat, filled with great guests as always. We also had two more weeks in Marrakesh this past September and began the "

Give Back

" retreat initiative, where we were able to donate over $800 to the

Project Soar

 non-profit group that we've been working with at Peacock Pavilions. It was wonderful to be able to see the group of girls from the village again, and in September we also got to work with their mothers as well and see the difference that this project is making in their lives.

There are 3 Marrakesh retreats in 2015. Join us for a magical week and also to know you're giving back to an worth while cause! 

(click on the links for details)

Mar 8-14

:: Luxury Retreat

Mar 15-21

:: FORM+FOCUS Yoga/Art Retreat (only a few spots left!)

Sept 13-19

:: Classic Retreat

In May we headed to Provence, France for our second visit to the beautiful Cote d'Azur and enjoyed yoga, a visit to the islands of the southern French coast, wine-tastings, and

joie de vivre

! The very next week was spent with our premier week in Dubrovnik, Croatia and it was a week that exceeded everyone's expectations...bike rides through the wine country, secluded beaches with crystal clear water, yoga in the lush gardens, and the warm hospitality of the Croatian people.

We are returning to France and Croatia early summer 2015 and would love to have you join us!

(click on the links for details)

May 31 - Jun 6

:: Dubrovnik, Croatia (only 1 room left!) 

Jun 7 -13

:: Provence, France (SOLD OUT)

These retreats were a great kick-off to the summer and fall that lay ahead...Stay tuned for part 2 where we'll update on how the summer and fall in Italy, Iceland, and Morocco went!