TRAVELER TESTIMONY :: Repeat Impressions (Liz - California, USA)

One of the greatest joys of EAT.PRAY.MOVE is the opportunity to meet amazing people from all locations and walks of life. We thought we would share some of our friends with our amazing community in this kick-off of the new series "



We recently caught up with Elizabeth Jimenez, a repeat guest of our retreats. An avid yogi from Long Beach, California, she and her family first joined us for a retreat in Marrakesh, Morocco and continued on to the Tuscany and Ischia retreats the following years. Liz, her husband Rene and mother-in-law Blanca are absolutely wonderful people and lovers of life - they've inspired us, made us smile, and most importantly have become friends along the way! To share them with you we did a little Q and A with Liz and loved what she had to say!


What drew you EAT.PRAY.MOVE Yoga Retreats?

I started taking yoga classes for the first time right before my 49th birthday and when I saw an ad for EAT.PRAY.MOVE Yoga Retreats on Facebook, I just knew it would be a different yet very exciting vacation for us. The itinerary and pictures for the Morocco retreat at Peacock Pavillion looked like heaven! It was something straight out of a magazine layout, and I knew it would be a very special.  When my husband and I excitedly shared with my Mom that we were attending a yoga retreat in Morocco, she immediately invited herself!!

Liz, Rene, and Blanca in Marrakesh


How did your trip compare to your expectations?

The EPM Morocco yoga retreat went BEYOND our expectations. From the pictures I knew we would be arriving to a beautiful location, but experiencing the environment, our accommodations, the food, daily yoga…it was the most luxurious vacation my husband and I have ever experienced. We really enjoyed Erin as our yogi, as well as our tour and cultural guide! She provides a personal touch and she's so easy to talk to. We especially enjoyed the daily excursions she chose for us.

Y.O.G.A on the beach in Morocco


What did you learn on your trip? Did anything surprise you?

Vegetarian food is quite delicious!! We didn't miss eating meat while on the retreat.


What was the best part of your trip?

Practicing yoga outdoors, under the canopy, early in the morning and late afternoon was so refreshing. Each day we felt energized and the fresh vegetarian food was amazing and delicious.

riding camels in Morocco


What lasting impressions did you have?  

It definitely left an impression!!  The way we eat, move and pray has definitely changed for the better!! My husband changed his diet and cut out red meat entirely! He really enjoyed the vegetarian diet at the retreat and when we returned he was able to lower his cholesterol by sticking to a fish and vegetarian diet. I've continued to practice yoga daily in my home. It has kept me limber, provides me peace, and helps me most when I feel stressed out from work. Rene and I love to travel and especially enjoy vacations that include a healthy component.  For that reason we've attended two additional EPM yoga retreats! We love each retreat’s unique location. We look forward to experiencing the culture, food, people and practicing yoga with Erin.  That's what makes it so special. 

Thanks for sharing and traveling with us, Elizabeth, Rene and Blanca!  We look forward to more adventures with you in the future! 

ps: Follow Liz and her yogi adventures on her instagram page