springtime + savoring life

Life runs away from you sometimes....and we try to run with it at least. That's how the past month or so has been feeling for me - things coming at me in all directions - mostly good. Really good things. When this year started I felt like it was going to be a great year - not exactly sure why I was sure of it, but I felt that there were changes in the air, optimism on the horizon, and lots of fun to be had. For now...just a small story of stopping to smell the flowers of life...

About a week and a half ago, we went up to Asheville, NC for a long weekend in the mountains with a group of friends. Mountains, hiking, good food, cool nights, some yoga, picnics, and lots of live music from the guitars, banjo, harmonica, and bass which made the trip as well.

Mornings never started with an alarm clock, and hours passed without anyone rushing to go somewhere or do something. Time was slow, conversations plenty, and a birthday was celebrated with the richest chocolate cake I've eaten.

Asheville boasts a strong community of local/organic/vegetarian restaurants, which we were able to sample. There are also a handful of wonderful yoga studios, and always an array of classes and workshops to choose from. I was just in Asheville over Christmas and had stopped in on an Ashtanga class, and decided to go to an inversion workshop this time at Asheville Yoga Center for a couple hours one afternoon.

We hiked some Smoky Mountain trails and drove with the windows down over miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway...through tunnels, past valleys and peaks. We stopped for a little picnic at a lookout, and enjoyed the afternoon sun. Made our way to the stream at a waterfall, and watched the mountain ranges turn purple at sunset.

It was a beautiful several days with a wonderful group of people. It's a reminder to breathe in deep, unplug, and enjoy the spring flowers that are blooming!