good (for you) food :: quinoa+kale plate

This wellness Wednesday post is about a recipe I make about 5 times a week. It's an amazing veggie dish, full of healthy protein, iron, good-for-you fats, and LOADS of taste!

I was introduced to it by my friend Jenn, who lives in Vermont on a homestead farm working towards producing almost all their own food. She writes on the well-known foodie blog

Leftover Queen

. She originated this recipe and calls it the "

breakfast of champions

" (although I normally eat it for lunch). She even was featured in a cookbook and if you check out her post, she includes a video app to Master Chef, giving us a tour of her kitchen and a tutorial on this dish. 

I've modified it a little to our liking, and of course the greens change with season and what we can find at the farmer's market. Various forms of kale have been our favorite. So here is the recipe based on how I prepare it most days. Really, don't base it on the way it sounds or looks...I can't tell you how good it really is. EASY. HEALTHY. DELICIOUS.

"Quinoa & Kale Plate"

(based on 1 serving)

1 handful of kale cut/torn into larger bite-size pieces

1 scoop of quinoa (pre-soaked. I use mixure of original + red)

1 egg

goat cheese

sprinkle of pine nuts

generous sprinkling of garlic powder

pinch of course sea salt

olive oil

Heat olive oil in pan at med-high heat, add kale, garlic powder and salt and saute' until brighter green and partially wilted. Add quinoa and pine nuts, stir and briefly saute' enough to incorporate ingredients together. Make a "bed" of the mixture in the pan and crack open egg on top. Reduce heat to a little over medium, cover, and let sit for several minutes or until egg is poached and mixture is crispy on bottom.

Use spatula to remove entire bed out together onto plate. Sprinkle with cold goat cheese.