Pose Series #7 :: Astavakrasana


 :: Eight Angle Pose

Moving into a bit more advanced poses now from the foundational basic poses I've posted previously in this pose series. Astavakrasana may be a pose to work up to, but there are many foundational asanas that you can practice that will lead you to the final expression of the "eight angle pose". Be sure to warm up with a few sun salutations and basic postures, staying strong with breath and bandhas before attempting. Note: there are many ways to get into this pose, and the following are just body-awareness cues once you're in it.

Fingers wide and fingertips pressing into the mat.

Hands shoulder-width apart, grounding and strong.

Elbows bent at 90º angle.

Shoulders firm to the back, and square to mat.

Chest lifted.

Neck long and gaze 


looking forward.

Pelvis floor engaged (mula bandha).

Navel pulled in and up (uddiyana bandha).

Legs long and straight.

Quads engaged.

Knee caps lifted.

Feet flexed and strong, lifting away.

B R E A T H E (ujjayi breath).