Give Back :: New Venice Partner!

We just announced our new Venice New Year retreat, and along with that exciting news, we have decided on a Give Back partner for our retreat: Save Venice

Save Venice Inc. was established in response to the serious damage caused by the November 1966 floods – the highest tide in Venice in the last century. More than thirty international committees were formed under the administrative umbrella of UNESCO to restore and preserve the priceless and irreplaceable cultural heritage of Venice.  

"Per capita, Italy spends ten times more to preserve its patrimony than the United States. Its restorers are the most skillful in the world. They are extraordinarily dedicated to their work. They are tireless workers. They are paid a pittance. In Venice, Save Venice knows and loves them all. Yet, there are too many treasures residing in Italy for the Italians to protect. The cost is simply too great. The Old World must look to the New for help. If it is not forthcoming, we will all see the treasures of our heritage fade. If they are gone, we will remember them as they were, but our children and theirs will only see them in books," says Randolph H. Guthrie, chairman of the organization. 

We are very aware that, as tourists, our footprint places a strain on any place we visit, especially a place as small and unique as Venice. We feel that we must give back to this incredibly city as a way of thanking them for keeping its cultural integrity and allowing us to be a part of the magic year after year. And in consideration of the fact that many of our retreats in Venice are yoga and art, we are so excited to partner with this foundation to help preserve local art and save them for the world to have in the future. 

We look forward to visiting them on our New Year retreat to Venice later this year. You can join us by following this link. We hope to see you there!