75 Retreats + Endless Gratitude

By: Sarah Roseberry, EPM guest coordinator and executive assistant


Well, it's that time again. We have an anniversary to celebrate:

EAT.PRAY.MOVE has now held 75 RETREATS! 

It's unreal to think of all that has been accomplished in the last 8 years and the connections that have been made in the process. I, personally, have attended many EPM retreats that were life changing, and I made life long friends as a result of this company, so I can only imagine the reach of the ripples in the pond. 

Erin started this company 8 years ago with the idea of yoga retreats in beautiful, unique locations and the hope of building something that would be able to give back to the world in some way. That idea has expanded: we all believe that yoga is not just a series of poses. It's a way of being present with yourself and the world. So Erin's vision of the retreats expanded as well, adding other forms of mindfulness into the formula. She fostered relationships and managed to find several people who were not only experts in their field, but driven and kind humans as well--a hard combination. Julian Hyzler (art), Jen Carter (meditation), Michelle Lee (life coaching), Emily O'Hare (wine), and Sarah Scarborough (tea) have all contributed to our retreats and the company in profound ways. And the company's Give Back initiative has grown immensely, donating to various charities, including Project Soar, Threads for Life, the Croatian Scholarship Fund, Save Venice and Magic Bus. She has now created retreats in Ischia, Tuscany, Marrakesh, Provence, Croatia, Iceland, Siena, Florence, India, Venice, Puglia, Bali, Amalfi, Spain, Chianti and Japan, and more locations are already in the works!

The best part of all of this has been getting to know the ever-expanding family of EAT.PRAY.MOVE with our guests! We have met so many incredible people from many countries, many walks of life, ages and experience levels in yoga and in travel. Not only does this company really offer solo travelers a chance to travel on their terms, but it gives them comraderie of sharing the experience with others. We've had guests come together and unexpectedly find new like minded wanderers. Even better, many of them have been repeat guests, so we keep adding to our network of adventurers around the world. It's unreal to think of the connection you can have to someone you only knew for a week, but that's the deep bond formed by the combination of travel and mindfulness.

They say do what you love and you will never work a day in your life, and that philosophy applies here. I truly love getting to share these opportunities with people who have never done anything like this before (or keep in touch with repeat guests who share the same unspoken love for these retreats.) For someone who values inspiration, authenticity and purpose, it's a joy to work here, and Erin provides all of those consistently. To hear stories of rejuvenation, of building confidence, of overcoming adversity, of living in joy, of finding balance and peace--you can't ask for more from what you do. Seeing pictures of guests laughing, crying, connecting and living out their wildest dreams reaffirms me on a daily basis that there is something very special here. Thank you for being an integral part of that. 

We have big plans for the future, both for future retreats and for giving back, and we can't wait to share more of our journey with you!