Karma Connections :: Our FIRST Holiday Gift Guide!



Hello everyone! We hope your winter is off to a lovely start and your holidays have been full of love. We decided this year would be a great time to start our first ever gift guide for the holiday season! While retreats are great, our ultimate goal is to provide tools that might bring mindfulness and presence to your everyday lives. So some of us on the EPM team have compiled a list of things that really continue the theme of finding focus and calm in the chaos of life, whether it's using yoga, rituals, meditation, art or manifesting your goals. There are even some ways to bring the smells and textures of world travels into your home. Now is a great time to start looking toward the new year and cultivating habits that help you ground yourself and bring possibility. We hope you enjoy it!

Monk Oil Palo Santo

A favorite of our founder Erin Lewis, this potion combines avocado oil with vetiver, flower essence and the essence of palo santo wood from Incausa, who are dedicated to sharing the ritual characteristics of Palo Santo through their unique incense. The bottle even contains a smoky quartz, said to dispel negative energy. Whether you want to create more positivity or just smell like nature, this oil is a grounding scent.

You Are Here Travel Journal

Anyone who has taken one of our Form+Focus retreats with our collaborator Julian Hyzler knows the power that creativity can provide in terms of being present. 'You Are Here' is a travel journal that takes you on your own internal voyage of discovery. By using simple mindfulness techniques, you'll find ways to develop a happy, peaceful mind. You'll use fresh, creative thinking to save a memory on every page. guides you through a rich variety of exercises designed to help you thoroughly enjoy your gap year, city break, odyssey, holiday-of-a-lifetime, 'find yourself' journey or weekend away. Best of all, it supports the Clean Hands Saves Lives project.

Mari Andrew's Am I There Yet

If you aren't already following her famous Instagram account, Mari Andrew proves that art is healing. This is a favorite of EPM’s guest coordinator Sarah Roseberry, who calls Mari the ambassador of sensitivity, a trait not often celebrated in our culture, but much needed. "Through simple doodle drawings, with a watercolor wash, interspersed with poignant essays both handwritten and typed, Andrew depicts herself wandering through the dark map of her 20s in search of purpose." Great for anyone who walks the path less traveled with an open heart.

Tea Huntress Incense

“Ceremony transforms the mundane to meditation, allowing us to escape into the present moment and enter the flow state, giving us access to deep peace and bliss.” Tea Huntress, who is also known as the leader of our Ritual+Renewal retreats, Sarah Scarborough, brings us incense that was hand-rolled at an Ayurveda center in Rishikesh, India. The temple-grade incense is made from all natural healing herbs, woods and resins. Use it to create grounding and centering space for yourself in your home.

Firepot Tea Rituals Collection

Try this exceptional tea, also created by Sarah Scarborough! The Rituals Collection combines fragrant plants and adaptogenic herbs, drawing from various global wellness traditions, and each tea comes with ritual ideas for cultivating what you want in your life, from yoga poses to mantras. Check out the other beautiful teas on their site as well!

Crystal Healing Book

Our resident life coach and collaborator of our Move+Manifest retreats, Michelle Lee, loves this book as an introduction to working with crystals. Unique from many crystal healing books, the rituals that Heather, as a Feng Shui and holistic healing expert, has composed are for novices and advanced crystal connoisseurs alike.

Project Soar Charitable Giving

You can sponsor a girl in Morocco! Project Soar, working here with W4, developed the Project Soar in a Box (PSB) program to help support girls from rural and semi-rural villages throughout Morocco to stay in school longer, become confident leaders, and lead more fulfilled futures. Project Soar in a Box includes a 50+ hour empowerment curriculum + activities that empowers girls to know their Value, Voice, Body, Rights, and Path. The girl-centered program is led by a trained empowerment facilitator who leads girls through each workshop during the school year. All the supplies facilitators need to carry out workshops + activities fit into one of our rolling duffel bags, meaning PSB can happen in any community!

Lush And Olive

This company, started by EPM guest Donna Barnett, sells unique home décor ethically made by artisans around the world AND give ten percent of our proceeds to organizations that are changing lives of women globally. From textiles to woven goods, there is a range of beautiful hand made items to shop through. They support companies like Women For Women, Peruvian Hearts and A21.

CorkYogi Mats

We love that this company is creating a fantastic product while doing good in the world, and EPM founder Erin uses and loves practicing on this mat. CorkYogi mats are made from (obviously) cork, which is antimicrobial, as cork does not absorb water. And it increases in grip as you sweat, making it a great surface for movement. Best of all, they give a portion of their proceeds to the Destiny Reflection Foundation, supporting victims of human trafficking in India.



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