TRAVELER TESTIMONY :: Hannah & Emily of Twice the Health


We're happy to introduce you to two amazing women who joined us on our Tuscany "Form+Focus" retreat over the summer. Emily and Hannah are the creators of the London-based company, Twice the Health -where this team (consisting of a nutritionist and PT) are best-friends turned bloggers, turned health-maker-world-travelers. Their matching outfits and youtube workout videos take them around the world finding interesting new forms of workouts and health, as well as new landscapes in which to challenge themselves.

An excerpt from their post on TWICE THE HEALTH:

Now, let’s be honest. Yoga is not everyone’s idea of the best way to sit down and relax. Give many people the choice between winding down in the Lotus position or behind the wheel of a Lotus sports car and they’d snatch the keys from your hand before you could say ‘Zen’. They wouldn’t need to meditate on that decision for long! Yoga is an acquired taste and worthy words like ‘form’ and ‘focus’ can be enough to send the uninitiated into beating a hasty retreat rather than persuading them to book into a Yoga Retreat, even with the masterminds behind TURASÓIR! But, hey we have a message for you… don’t be so frightened of yoga.

A confession. When we first heard about Erin Lewis’s Form and Focus yoga retreat, the first words that really caught our attention were ‘yoga and wine’… and just maybe a measure or two more of the latter than the former. It’s a pain and gain thing, right? However dubious we may have been about the true bliss to be found during a contemplative morning spent saluting the sun, we knew as a matter of fact that an evening spent watching it set with a chilled bottle of Pinot Grigio is our version of paradise. Listen, we are running girls. We like to clock up a few sweaty kilometres in order to balance out our guilty pleasures. We are not going to deserve a treat after an hour of gentle Sarvangasana and Halasana, are we? Wrong! the rest on their blog and view their video of the retreat below!

A big GRAZIE to both of you lovely ladies. It was a pleasure meeting you and having you on the retreat. Can't wait to see you again sometime! xo