TRAVELER TESTIMONY :: Soul Sister (Erin - Charlotte, NC, USA)

This month we're happy to introduce you to our friend and repeat EPM guest, Erin W! She first came to a Marrakesh retreat several years ago and has since returned - but even better, we're honored to say that she has become such a good friend on top of that! It's one of the stories and connections that really embody what EPM is about - building, connecting, and growing in yourself and with others. Meeting guests for the first time at a retreat, being able to carry that over into friendships after the trip and seeing other guests do the same - it is one of our most favorite things here at EPM. Erin is a creative woman and avid traveller who is a true adventurer at heart. 

Erin and Erin

What made you decide to take this EAT.PRAY.MOVE yoga retreat?

I attended the Tuscany trip because of the amazing experience and friendships I made on my first EPM yoga retreat to Marrakech, Morocco. Everything was so incredible I just had to have another vacation with EAT.PRAY.MOVE!

How did your trip compare to your expectations?

Everyone dreams of a relaxing holiday in Tuscany, wandering through the beautiful rolling hills, drinking wine from local vineyards and eating fresh olives. Erin's EAT.PRAY.MOVE retreat did not disappoint! Tuscany is such a beautiful region of Italy, and the villa we stayed in was tucked right in its rolling hills with fantastic views of the surrounding area. I loved that the moment I arrived, a sense of calm and self overcame me.

Playing amongst the Tuscan architecture

What did you learn on your trip? Did anything surprise you?

This trip quickly became one of self discovery through yoga, art as meditation classes, museums and hillside explorations. It was truly a retreat and exactly what I needed!

What was the best part of your trip?

One of my favorite moments from the trip was strolling through the streets of Cortina with the friends I'd made from Morocco and the new friends I'd made over the first few days in Italy... shopping, eating, exploring and laughing. Such a magical time.

Making friends in the countryside

What lasting impressions did you have? 

This retreat was a much needed getaway for me, and I knew from experience that I was in good hands with Erin. Erin, who I am lucky to know and have become friends with, has such a talent for finding the best spots (to eat, see, experience) and creating the opportunity for the most memorable moments to enjoy and then to carry with you wherever life takes you. I can't wait for my next EPM retreat...maybe Iceland!


Erin, for your sharing your time, thoughts and friendship. We can't wait to see you on your next retreat!