Q&A with Tiny Devotions

Well, if you have been following EAT.PRAY.MOVE for the past week you'll know that we're really excited about the current mala bead giveaway with

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Today I want to introduce you to the lovely founder of Canadian company Tiny Devotions, Diana Charabin. According to her bio,

"she is a yogi, a world traveller, an adventurer, a writer and creative soul that is dedicated in making the most beautiful mala beads in the world."

Her travels have taken her from the Gold Coast of Australia around the world and back - and to life-changing time in Bali. In Bali is where she began making these beautiful malas which are now exploding as the must-have mala beads in the worldwide yoga community.

We're thankful that she had a bit of time to answer a few questions that EAT.PRAY.MOVE threw her way. There's a lot more to know about her and the Tiny Devotion company - so feel free to check out their




for a lot more information!

Q&A with Diana of Tiny Devotions

• On your site and videos you've shared several inspiring stories of intention with your mala beads. What story/experience, either personally or from a customer, stands out the most?

The story that most stands out is an amazing girl who received a rose quartz from her friend in Switzerland. She had been trying to get pregnant for some time with no success and a few weeks or months (not sure) of wearing the rose quartz mala with the intention of helping her get pregnant she became pregnant and called me with tears from Switzerland. Um…that was pretty cool!

I would not say that our mala beads magically got her pregnant but rather (and hopefully) shifted her intention and energy which made her more emotionally and energetically open to getting pregnant. Sometimes we have blockages and mantras and tactical objects with intention can help us overcome them!

• How do you decide which new stones to introduce to the collection and are there any exciting additions you have coming out?

Creating our mala beads is sort of like solving a jigsaw puzzle. There are some stones that I want to use that I can never find and other stones that I never thought of using that I find and get inspired by.

We're always creating new and evolving our mala beads - it is a balance of creating buddhaful mala beads that are still functional.

• What is the most influential teacher you've had in your journey through yoga/meditation?

Well two different teachers come to mind - for meditation Emil Wendel - he told me I could have coffee before I started meditation. That won me over.

For yoga it would have to be the Merrifield sisters. Michelle and Clare are phenomenal yogis and human beings! Complete opposite styles and energies and I just feel like whenever I am around them I learn so much and connect. Unfortunately they are in Australia so have not got to practice with them in a while but heading there in a few months so stoked!

I also feel as though I have a lot to learn from my lovely friend Katie Brauer who is a North County + international yoga teacher. You will hear a lot about her in the next few months/years. She is so in the flow!

• What is your favorite location to retreat to?

Well being a travel addict I obviously have a few. The 2 that stand out are: Southern California and Gold Coast, Australia.

The last two trips I have taken have been to San Diego and North County - I kind of feel like I live there. Ocean, Yoga, nature and great food. There is a natural pull there. Plan on spending more time there doing yoga with Katie Brauer and practicing at Bindu and Haute Yoga.

Gold Coast is where I lived for 3 years during law school and it is one of my most favourite places on earth. I would describe it as magical. Nobbys is such a cool area to go and chill - also my favourite yoga studio is there - Essence of Living. People are so effortlessly cool in Australia and I just feel a lot of goddess energy when I'm there. It is so easy to be in the flow and to manifest your dreams! Australia to me is like a parallel universe. It is bliss!

And obviously hope to go on one of your retreats someday soon ;)

A HUGE HUG and THANKS to Diana and Tiny Devotions for the Q&A and beautiful beads!