GIVEAWAY :: Tiny Devotion Mala

So the anticipated GIVEAWAY is here! (A week after the first announcement - sorry again for the delay those who saw the original post that we removed) We're SO happy to announce that we're working with the amazing team at

Tiny Devotions

to offer one of their lovely malas to one lucky EAT.PRAY.MOVE fan and to help promote our

upcoming yoga retreat

on the beautiful island of Ischia!

As the name EAT.PRAY.MOVE suggests, PRAYing and meditating is one of the fundamental 

aspects of the yogic experience we want to promote on our retreats, and throughout life 

in general. Mala beads are a great tool for helping one focus, meditate, be still, and stay present.

Here's a little snippet from the Tiny Devotions site:

"Our Tiny Devotions mala beads are perfect for beginnings and endings - goals, struggles, worries, dreams, intentions and prayers.

Mala beads transcend cultures and religions and can be found in some form in nearly every tradition around the world. The word bead, historically coming from the word "prayer" or "to pray".

These sacred and beautiful beads help us live in the moment - staying present to the beauty of life.

We combine rudraksha seeds with semi precious crystals and pearls to create beautiful designer malas that each have their own specific intention. Rudraksha seeds are known as the eyes or tears of Shiva - and are worn for their protective and sacred qualities."

So...are you ready to get a set of these designer Mala Beads for yourself?

Then enter our GIVEAWAY!

Here's what you have to do:

1. COMMENT on this post (include an email if it isn't included in your comment profile) and ANSWER the question: What Mediterranean location would you like to retreat to and use your mala?

2. EXTRA ENTRY: TWEET this exact phrase "win a @TinyDevotions mala from @eatpraymoveyoga (& join a #yoga retreat in Italy"

3. That's all! One entry + one extra Twitter entry per person. US and Canada shipping addresses only allowed for winner. Contest ends SATURDAY, AUG 20th.

That's all! We would also 

♥ it if you would

join our Facebook page

- that way you can find out about new retreats, news, and fun other events from EAT.PRAY.MOVE. watch this lovely lifestyle video from TD, and STAY TUNED for more posts about Ischia, malas, and Diana, the beautiful founder of Tiny Devotions!