GIVE BACK - Update :: Croatia + India

Croatian Scholarship Fund

Croatian Scholarship Fund

Well happy summer to you all. It's been quite a season so far over here at EPM and we're looking forward to some amazing more retreat weeks ahead this year - Iceland, Marrakesh, Croatia, and our newest in Venice, Italy!

We spent some amazing weeks in Croatia, France, and Italy in the past couple of months on several retreats and are about to head out soon for our "Fire+Ice" week in Iceland. It was such a treat to see so many past guests on these last retreats, as well as meet so many new faces.

It's been a while since we updated you all on how our GIVE BACK retreats have been doing. From the last Croatia retreat, we were able to make a donation to the


. See the video below to learn more about what they do!

For the past 25 years CSF has been providing financial assistance to the financially deserving Croatian university students in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Without this assistance, many of these bright young men and women would not be able to obtain university education. This is made possible because individuals, families, and organizations have supported our mission by generous donations.

Also, we have already SOLD OUT for both of our retreats in February, 2016 in Goa, India and so we're really looking forward to making an impact with our non-profit partner there, 


. This organization is continually expanding in the amazing life-changing initiatives they are bringing to the children and families of India. Watch the amazing video below of one of their programs surrounding gender issues and women rights. It's pretty inspiring!

Do you want to join us on a GIVE BACK retreat and make a difference in peoples lives? Learn more about the programs



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