GIVE BACK Update :: Project Soar, Marrakesh

We had such a wonderful time on our two back-to-back retreats last month in Marrakesh. This completed our 14th (!) week there and what a pleasure it's been to have enjoyed so many guests throughout the years, and spent so much time with our hosts at the beautiful Peacock Pavilions. Our first retreat was our "Luxury" itinerary and the second week was another fun collaboration with Julian of EASEL&LENS for our "Form+Focus" art/yoga week. 

Because Marrakesh and the non-profit project, PROJECT SOAR, was our very first Give Back partner (where we donate at least 10% of the retreat profits), it's very close to our hearts and we wanted to give you an update on the work we've been doing with them there. O

n the weekend between both retreats we were honored to get to work work with the project in the village. There were around 50 girls that participated that day and so we split into two groups - Julian led an art class at Peacock Pavilions where the girls created beautiful mandalas out of natural pigments, petals, leaves, and love - while Erin led a yoga class at the new Project Soar headquarters building in the village. Each group had about 45 minutes at each class and then switched, and we all got together at the end for a photo along side some of the Moroccan high-school volunteers from the city.

Erin leading yoga with the girls

Julian and the girls making mandalas

During the second retreat week, we had a bit of freetime on Tuesday and offered to the guests the opportunity to help with a beautification project in the village for part of "Project Pride". We had a great time cleaning up and painting 8 doors which led to a nice and bright new row of color for the village. It was fun driving past them each of the following days knowing we'd had a part in helping out.

A huge thanks to our amazing guests and to our hosts at Peacock Pavilions for everyone's efforts to do good and make this world a more beautiful place!

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