Yoga in Marrakesh :: part 2

I hope to have whet your appetite for more about the Marrakesh yoga retreat from the

last post

. Oh but how much there is to say about our lovely time there.

So what did we do during the week (well besides a couple yoga classes and some meditation each day)?


 The first day was a magical guide through the exotic Marrakesh Medina. Through palaces, rihads, and souks.

We explored the streets, bargained at the stalls, found just the right rugs and slippers, and of course enjoyed a few mint tea breaks throughout the day.

The main square in the old part of the city is indescribable in words or just have to be there to experience it first-hand!

One day we enjoyed a pool-side cocktail party at

Peacock Pavilions

while getting painted up with beautiful henna designs! (Even the guys joined in on the party!)

Then we all took a trip to the seaside town of Essoauria with its lovely laid-back vibe. After a yoga session on the beach we explored the markets and the quaint streets, (ate a gelato...shhh don't tell!), and then geared up for one of the highlights...

...Camel rides on the beach! Passing old fortress ruins, watching the sunset as we lazily rode through the sand, "fantasizing being like Lawrence of Arabia" as one guest put it!

But wait...there's more! Stay tuned for thoughts on the food, flavors, and spices of Morocco!