Hanging Upside-Down in the Big Apple

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Om Factory NYC

A couple weeks ago I visited the Big Apple and was so happy to have been able to participate in an AntiGravity Yoga class at the

Om Factory NYC

yoga studio. I'd been looking forward to experiencing this class since I first heard of it, and made sure to sign up early online for a space during my long-weekend stay in the city.

AntiGravity Yoga was founded in 1990 by broadway dancer and aerial acrobat, Christopher Harrison. Now an emerging trend in the yoga and fitness world, his "suspension trainings" are spreading wildly.

photo by

Om Factory NYC

Located near the fashion district, Om Factory is on the 17th floor with a lovely space complete with dressing rooms, several yoga rooms, and a spacious lounge. I arrived in time to get dressed (complete with a long-sleeve shirt as they recommend to lessen irritation under the arms), sip on a coconut water, and chat with a couple other people waiting for the start of class.

When the time came to get set up, I walked through the grid of hanging orange hammocks and picked a spot in the front corner with a great view out of the windows overlooking the city. An assistant came around with a ladder to adjust everyone's apparatus to the correct height just at the hip-bone level. After we were all situated, the lovely instructor, Shelley, walked in, welcomed us, and began the class.

I'm not sure what else I can really say in words about the experience, other than it felt like a 75-min massage. It was amazing really. Perfect for (re)alignment, spine lengthening, decompression, and relaxation. For my normal, quite rigorous practice, this would be a class I would love to add to my routine as a fun, challenging, very unique, and benefit-rich experience.

If you're in New York City, I'd definitely recommend checking this out and experiencing AntiGravity Yoga for yourself!




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