Give Back :: Project Soar Update

As many of you know, a portion of the profits from the retreats we run go to charitable organizations in the areas we visit, and our Give Back partner for our Marrakesh, Morocco retreats is Project Soar. A non-profit with a mission to empower teenage girls in the developing world, Project Soar is “based off the 5 Pillars of Empowerment, which embody our beliefs that every girl should have the opportunity to know her Value, Voice, Body, Rights and Path.”

As we near the end of the school year, Project Soar sent an update on the girls they are mentoring, at their home base in Marrakesh and in their satellite programs around the world. In addition to other services, they offer extra academic tutoring to support the girls leading up to exams. In their most recent newsletter, the team said this:

“This month, students across Morocco are preparing for their end of year exams.  Project Soar girls are no different.  They are not only taking end of year exams this month, but next month many of the girls are sitting for the High School Entrance Exam or International Baccalaureate Exam.  The girls are braving the heat to attend exam prep sessions at the headquarters and many of the satellite sites.  The girls are participating in group study sessions, studying previous year exams, and working with tutors to prepare.  We wish them great success in their exams!”


In addition to the girls in Marrakesh, their satellite programs are taking off, not only in Morocco, but also in Uganda! The Project Soar team also said:

“We are so pleased with the success of the program and are so grateful to all of the facilitators and communities that helped us in empowering over 300 girls in Morocco this year!  Together, imagine what we can achieve next year!

Project Soar in a Box Uganda is still underway as they are in the middle of their school year.  The girl squads have completed two modules on Value and Voice, and are now moving on to the Body module.  We are excited to share feedback with you directly from PS girls.”


All of our Morocco retreats go to benefit Project Soar! Ready more about them on their website and find out how to get involved.