Give Back :: Croatian Student Scholarship

As many of you know, our Give Back partner for our Croatia retreats is the Croatian Scholarship Fund. We were lucky to sponsor a student named Erika, and we never fail to be delighted by her joy and energy for life. She recently sent us an update, so we wanted to share what she’s been up to and what it looks like to give back to someone who is doing good in the world. Erika embodies what we at EPM believe creates a full life: her love of travel, movement, relationships, time in nature, meaningful work and giving to others always inspire us.

After passing her last round of exams, she started working in a small cafe near her school, and she really loved getting to create connection with her regular guests. “The more work I do the more alive I feel, and that inspires me!” she said.

She is incredibly involved in sports. She works in the University League as a scorer for handball and volleyball, coaches her university’s volleyball team and rows! “A few weeks ago, my rowing team VUF participated in a regatta in Dubrovnik again, and it was really amazing. To row in our beautiful sea, to wander in the picturesque town, to meet new people. All in all, an amazing experience and trip.” She loves participating as well as taking on a leadership position in volleyball. “Girls are happy and thankful that I lead and coach them. And I am really the happiest person in the world when I see them smiling and doing their best.”

“This semester is really amazing, and I enjoy every day at faculty,’ she says. “Every student got one child with whom we spend half an hour a week and teach them English. In my opinion, it is a too short period of time to teach them anything, but I will try to make that child love English.” She additionally attends lectures and speaks highly of her professors.

As if all of that isn’t enough in one schedule to make you dizzy, she is looking toward the future and thinking about possibly spending time working in the US. We so admire her zest for life and hard work ethic. “I do believe in myself. I am healthy, have both legs and hands, and I really am capable of a lot of things.” We believe in you, too, Erika!