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Location Temptation :: Venice, the Floating City

We are getting so excited to return to one of our favorite fall destinations: VENICE!!! We go in the fall for several reasons: we avoid the heat and humidity that would be unpleasant for a city that is primarily explored by walking, we avoid the huge crowds that block the narrow winding streets of the city, and we get the beautiful fall light and possibility of Acqua Alta photography. (More on that later!)

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Soulful Snapshots :: Mary, Indiana, USA

“I do want to thank you again for planning and offering this lovely trip. It was so enjoyable on many levels and everyone here was so easy to be with. It was a fabulous vacation, one of my best! Our host Julian was most knowledgable, kind and engaging. His knowledge of history, art and culture was quite enlightening. I recommend the trip to anyone... ”

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Guest Post :: Friends Mini Retreat

Today’s guest post is one that makes us SO happy! We recently saw that some of our past guests from the US all gathered for a mini-retreat on their own to reconnect as friends, do some yoga and enjoy an enticing location in Palm Springs, CA. One of the things we love most about our retreats is that people from all over the world get to meet other guests who, despite being different ages, nationalities and backgrounds, have similar interests and life philosophies. While we always stress that our retreats are chances to go inward and restore yourself, an added bonus is often the surprising friendships that are formed.

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Retreat Recap :: New Year’s in Venice, Italy

Earlier this month we wrapped up a really unique and wonderful time in Venice over our New Year’s retreat - the perfect melding of adventure and tranquility. While it’s true that Venice is a bustling city, full of art and color and life, it’s also true that in winter, it’s incredibly peaceful and quiet. It’s the perfect time to explore and see the city as it’s meant to be seen. And, as we found out, it’s an ideal setting for transitioning out of one year and entering another with clear minds.

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Give Back :: Croatian Student Scholarship

As many of you know, our Give Back partner for our Croatia retreats is the Croatian Scholarship Fund. We were lucky to sponsor a student named Erika, and we never fail to be delighted by her joy and energy for life. She recently sent us an update, so we wanted to share what she’s been up to and what it looks like to give back to someone who is doing good in the world. Erika embodies what we at EPM believe creates a full life: her love of travel, movement, relationships, time in nature, meaningful work and giving to others always inspire us.

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Guide Introduction :: Sarah Scarborough

We are so thrilled to finally introduce our newest team member, Sarah Scarborough! 

At EAT.PRAY.MOVE, we have been so lucky to cross paths with some incredible teachers in multiple fields of study, and Sarah is no exception. Not only is she a certified yoga teacher, but she is an expert in all things tea related: she is the creator and tea buyer for Firepot Nomadic Teas, a Nashville based company serving the highest quality organic and ethically sourced tea from around the world. 

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