I've had several people at the studio ask me about my playlist. I tend to make new ones each month to keep it fresh, and thought I'd share this month's May mix! 

Music and yoga are a fun topic to talk about, and there's been some good "twitter-sations" about it this past week too. Do you think music has a place in a yoga class, and if so, what music do you prefer? These questions will spark quite varied views for sure. I definitely enjoy the variety of both silence - enjoying the ujjayi breath as the metronome, and also enjoy some beats as well, especially during the days when my mind is hard to settle and it might be easier to get in a rhythm with music in the background. I even attended a DJ Yoga party power class a few months back, which was so much fun!

I do love the classic Ashtanga series to be practiced in silence, but I also teach the "rocket" series at our studio (founded by Larry Schultz a student of Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois), which incorporates the Ashtanga series from primary through third series.  This exposes the student to a powerful flow through all levels of ashtanga, as the Rocket focuses on core work, balances, inversions....and "flying and floating"...safe to say some periodic music tends to balance well with it. 

Definitely a bit more upbeat that a lot of my mixes, here is a small sample of this month's tunes that should easily take you through a 75 min or so practice. Starting slower and building through the surya namaskara (sun salutation) series, building during standing and seated postures, then grounding during the closing, finally calming and restorative at the end for savasana.

Enjoy! And let me know what you think...

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I'm God (Instrumental) :: Clams Casino
Eyes Be Closed :: Washed Out
Hawaii (Niva Remix) :: Blackbird Blackbird
Young Blood (White Sea Remix) :: The Nakes and Famous
The Walking Dead :: Weird Tapes
Colourful Day (Seams Remix) :: Alan Pownall
Beat #6 Vs. The World At Large :: Modest Mouse Vs. Ratatat
Dream Analysis :: Jesse Ruins
Houdini RAC Remix :: RAC
R.I.P. (Grimes Remix) :: Bikini
Ready For The World (Star Slinger Refix) :: How To Dress Well
Pretty Poly :: Teebs
Ghost In My Head :: Niva
Loftcries :: Purity Ring
Ungirthed :: Purity Ring
Dream Valley (Young Montana Rework) :: Solar Bears
Bathsalts :: SLEEP ∞ OVER
Lady Daydream (Blackbird Blackbird Remix) :: Twin Sister
Lord Knows Best :: Dirty Beaches
For the Other Self Who is Far Away That I Can Not Reach :: Susumu Yokota
Islands (Nosaj Things Remix) :: The xx
Obsessions (oOoOO Remix) :: Marina & The Diamonds
Calling Rainbows :: Sofiah and AJ