*These are some highlights from the May EAT.PRAY.MOVE newsletter, but I thought our blog readers may be interested in some of the announcements from this month. If you want to join the mailing list contact us from the website.
• NEW RETREAT ANNOUNCED: Ischia (Italy), Oct 2-8, 2011

"The beautiful island of Ischia awaits you with hikes to dormant volcanoes, thermal spas, vineyards, lush gardens, crystal clear beaches, and amazing Ischitani hospitality!"
Don't miss it...plus, we're offering an EARLY SIGN-UP DISCOUNT. $100 off for the first 4 sign-ups. Email erin@sojournista.com for discount.

 • LAST MINUTE DEAL for June 19-25, 2011 TUSCANY Retreat

$200 off for those interested in a spot at the June retreat. This is only $1200 for 7-days inclusive! Email erin@sojournista.com for discount.

 • MARRAKESH Retreat Sept 11-17 almost sold out!

Only 3 spots left for this exotic retreat. It's going to be an amazing group and week! All the details are on the site.

 • SPECIAL GROUP / PRIVATE WEEKS are always possible. Whether you're interested in a private retreat, or just have a particular place + date in mind, with just a minimum of 4 people we can work on arranging a special EPM experience.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone for their interest and support. We couldn't do it without you - You are what make EAT.PRAY.MOVE possible. We're so excited to bring you unforgettable experiences and hope you can join us. Currently, we're in the process of planning the 2012 calendar...and as always, any places/dates suggestions are always welcome!

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