Pantheon in Rome

Happy Friday! I'm so excited about all the interest we've been getting for the upcoming yoga retreat in Italy. Almost everyday I hear from someone else who wants to join us this summer. Plus, as of earlier this week there are ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT! Want to be one of them? SIGN UP today!

Several people who've contacted us have wanted to make more of a full vacation out of their trip to Italy, adding several days before or after the retreat to experience more of the country's amazing treasures.

gondolas in Venice

This is where we can help!

Would you like assistance in finding a list of suggested routes, cities, sites, accommodations, and dining options? Or would you prefer a very specific list of an exact itinerary to follow? Maybe you want an onsite personalized "concierge"/tour guide to accompany you, allowing you to just sit back and enjoy the ride?!

Vernazza, Cinque Terre

Whatever your preference, we can help! Don't worry if the 7-day yoga retreat isn't long enough for you to travel to "il bel paese" - you're free to extend your trip as long as you'd like.

Visit Rome and see the Eternal City with the ancient ruins, go to Venice and experience a city unlike any other on earth, or even head to the beautiful Cinque Terre and hike along the seaside cliffs and picturesque villages. Whatever your ♥ desires...
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