A couple times a month I plan to feature other amazing people around the world offering lovely retreats as well, because hey, isn't that what part of the yogic spirit is about?

Plus, this gives those of you reading an opportunity to learn about other options out there - retreats that take place on other dates in the year than EAT.PRAY.MOVE and perhaps other places on the globe that are more accessible to you.

photos from My Marrakesh

This week, as the first KARMA Connection on this blog, I'd love to introduce you to the lovely, Maryam, an American who lives in Morocco and blogs at My Marrakesh.

From reading her blog for years now it becomes more and more apparent that Maryam is a sort of Renaissance woman - wearing hats from writer, expat, journalist, traveler, designer, hotelier of sorts, wife/mother, and shopper. Yes, among many other things, she's a professional personal shopper and is hosting a retreat this May for those interested in diving deep into the exotic Moroccan shopping experience.

photos from My Marrakesh

When she isn't acting as purveyor of peacocks at home on her 9-acre olive grove property, she's getting ready to host amazing experiences for her guests in May at the Ace Camp Morrocan Shopping Retreat. Enjoy a week shopping in the souks with Maryam as a guide, Morrocan wine tastings, palace visits, expert talks, and lodging at the Peacock Pavillions boutique hotel.

Find out more on Maryam's site HERE. And say, "salam alekoum" for me!