Now on the eighth year of retreats, EAT.PRAY.MOVE was born from Erin’s love of yoga and travel, and a passion to share these two loves with others. She calls both the US and Italy home these days and loves to share la bella vita with others.

Italy and many other locations around the Mediterranean beckon her for some reason; it's a draw that has only grown stronger over the years. This feeling is similar to the love she feels for yoga. Studying various practices since 1998, she’s experienced her personal practice deepen and passion for the entire discipline grow stronger, leading to her certification as a yoga instructor and daily renewal of the ongoing practice. Throughout the years she has deepened her study with ongoing education and certifications and finds there to be truth in what Sri K Pattabhi Jois famously stated: "Practice, and all is coming." She’s been blessed throughout her yoga practice to be surrounded by beautiful teachers who grow with their students, adjust lovingly, and practice what they teach...and continues to strive to be such a facilitator of yoga herself.




Currently living in Brooklyn, Sarah is a health and life coach and an overall amazing woman who just teems with positivity. Sarah serves as an important off-site assistant, handling many of the behind-the-scenes customer relations, social media, press, and outreach of EPM. Sarah met Erin in NYC and quickly became interested in the retreats, later joining a group in Ischia, Italy. As a past or future guest, you may hear from Sarah from time to time and maybe even meet her on a future retreat!




From his home base in Italy, Julian leads many art retreats each year and is our host for the EAT.PRAY.MOVE Tuscany retreat weeks as well. In 2014, we began to collaborate outside of Italy and now co-host our FORM+FOCUS retreats which combine yoga, meditation, and movement alongside art, photography, and creativity. Julian is the founder of EASEL&LENS where he leads painting and photography courses around the world and online. Looking ahead we’re excited to offer this unique balance of skills to our guests in Iceland, Marrakesh, Goa, Venice, and future locations as well! If you join us on a retreat, you’ll be sure to stay entertained with Julian’s witty banter and knowledgeable, artistic anecdotes.




Based in NYC, Jen teaches yoga and meditation at top New York yoga studios as well as to corporate and private students. She has been practicing yoga since the 90’s, but it wasn’t until 2010 that Jen realized her true calling to teach. After years of working in the corporate world, her life shifted dramatically when she suffered a traumatic head injury during an accidental fall. The fall and subsequent road to full recovery was Jen’s awakening to a deeper journey into yoga and meditation. You can keep up with her at

Jen holds advanced yoga and meditation instructor certifications from New York City yoga studios Pure Yoga, Yoga Vida, and It’s Yoga based in San Francisco. She also maintains a daily meditation practice, and she views her purpose in life is to share the beauty and ease of that practice. Jen’s classes are crafted to challenge her students but also to make it easy for them to incorporate both asana and meditation into their daily lives back at home. She sees EAT.PRAY.MOVE as an amazing opportunity to explore new lands and culture while simultaneously exploring new levels within.




After leading a successful 13-year career in the corporate world, Michelle transitioned her career into a life & financial consultant, retreat organizer & leader, and internationally certified yoga instructor - following her passions and sharing this with others around the globe. She now leads our Move+Manifest retreats which, besides yoga, adds workshops for life development, manifesting your dreams, and vision board creation. She holds an MBA in Finance from USC, an MA in Spiritual Psychology from University of Santa Monica, and became a certified Ashtanga yoga instructor in Florence, Italy. She lives part of the year in Florence, part in Los Angeles, and part wherever her heart takes her.



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Sarah Scarborough, of Tea Huntress, has devoted the last a twenty years of her life to discovering the history, agriculture and culture of tea. She has followed tea’s journey around the world to learn the ancient traditions of tea and source high vibrational, ancient and ceremonial varieties. As a registered yoga teacher, she offers yin, restorative and vinyasa classes. Join her on a RITUAL+RENEWAL retreat to combine the soul and ceremony of tea with daily yoga as well as learning how to infuse daily ritual into your life.




Now living in Siena, Italy, Emily O’Hare was the head sommelier, wine buyer and WSET tutor at London’s River Café, where she worked for over seven years. She also writes about Italian wine for various publications and sits on the judging panels for Decanter. In May 2012 O’Hare won the Harpers Wines & Spirits Sommelier of the Year Award, and in her spare time she runs a women’s tasting group Women, Know Your Wine! and The London Wine Sessions, a bi-annual wine festival which includes talks, tastings, music and food. O’Hare was first a DWWA judge in 2009.




We first met Eugenia on on of our retreats to Provence, France where she attended as a guest and now are happy to announce that she's joined our EPM family. Recently hitting the pause-button on a lucrative corporate career, Eugenia has turned her focus to more humanitarian outlets and joined our team as our Give Back Coordinator. She is our go-between with our non-profit partners around the globe and helps to keep us and our guests updated on how our efforts are being moved forward. She also recently received a yoga teaching certification and leads volunteer classes for trauma patients as a type of therapy in her hometown of Atlanta, GA.